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How to Get More Likes on Facebook

We all want to know the secret sauce. How do I get more likes on Facebook? How does my business gain more followers? What can I do to ramp up interest on Facebook?

  1. Do NOT buy LikesThe biggest way to ruin your page is buying Likes or followers. Years ago, many, many years ago, this was a popular way to gain interest. Now, Facebook knows better. 
  2. Run adsYou’ll need a big wallet, but running ads to boost posts can gain you followers. You’ll need consistency, and a lot of cash to see the results. 
  3. Create posts people want to share on their own. Yes, the biggest way to gain some interest is through organic interest. Create valuable content and your followers will share without being asked. 
  4. Time your interactions. Play with publication times to see what your audience responds to. Weekdays are often the most active times for Facebook, and you’ll want to play with all hours. 
  5. Use images to catch eye balls! Make sure to use images you’re approved to use, but images gain reactions faster. Pixabay is a good site that allows commercial use for free. 
  6. Stay true to your brand and image. Be sure to offer relevant content, and in your brand’s style. Don’t mimic another brand because they have more followers. You’ll want to be genuine or your followers will see right through it. 

Do you have your own tips to share? Be sure to leave a comment so I can add to the list.

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